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MARTIANS Web Development is a professional web development service aimed at helping small business to achieve a big-budget look with a small business budget. Having a desirable website is crucial these days in gaining consumer interest and purchases. It is important to convey a sense of trust and reliability, especially when conducting business on the web.

These days it's easy for small business owners to overlook the technicalities and expertise required to get started on the web. From DNS and Server Configurations, to choosing the right Content Management System (CMS), and setting up e-mails are just a few things that are vital to the early success of any business.

If you're not do-it-yourself type or just prefer to have a professionally designed site, Martians is the right solution for you business.

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Have a business that needs a website, but don't have very much time? Martians implements cutting edge web technologies to deliver on short deadlines while maintaining a high professional quality.

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Martians offers fully managed web servers, other web/app hosting solutions, SSL Cert, and dedicated IPs. Our packages come with free regular updates and security patches to the server and CMS platform.

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Need a landing page for your business or app idea? Martians can help you! Starting your own business can be draining on capital, which is why you can choose to pay only for the features that you need.

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White Glove Service by Martians ensures your web project is marked with special care and attention. For the same reasons we go to Doctors or hire specialists, some things are just better left to professionals.

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Rapid Web Development

Rapid Web Development services by Martians delivers a professionally built website, with a fast turn-around time and grows as the business grows.

All of our web projects are mobile responsive, which gives you the ability to tap into the ever growing mobile commerce (m-commerce) market.

Each of our projects is carefully crafted with whatever your primary goals may be. No matter what your business objectives may be, your mission becomes our mission.

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PayPerTask & BundledTasks

PayPerTask is designed specifically for the start-up companies and small businesses in mind. When you are strapped for funds, but need to get the job done – you can count on Martians to help you finish the task on time and saving you LOTS of money.

BundledTasks are designed for the medium to large sized businesses who have a reoccurring tasks or bunch of tasks on a regular monthly basis. BundledTasks also includes additional tasks not included in PayPerTasks, such as E-Commerce and SEO related tasks.

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